How To Gain Subscribers On Youtube

So you’ve got your YouTube channel, you’re enjoying it and you want your first 100 subscribers or grow your channel.

I am going to share with you a few tips that I have found have worked for me whilst growing my YouTube channel.


Post Consistently

The first and most important tip I have for you guys is be consistent. Post useful consistent videos, once you have found your niche. Your first video is not going to get any views at first but if you want this as bad as I did you gotta keep going.

I remember my first few videos, I didn’t know what I was doing and I was expecting way to much. I had a dream but I wasn’t taking it seriously. I didn’t talk in my vlogs and my content didn’t flow. So I sat back looked at my favourite YouTubers and what road I wanted to take and that’s when I got my inspiration.


Channel Design

Now you have your niche, you need to let people know what your channel is about. If you are a gamer then you need to make your channel design around gaming etc. I am a beauty vlogger and blogger so my channel design is simply my name with my niche all over it. I also suggest if you want to – to put the days you will be posting on your banner because people will start to get in to your routine and know when you are going to post. I use to post all over the place one month then miss a month etc. Now I post Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. That is my schedule. My banner has the days I post which will encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.


Be you

Be yourself has to be one of my biggest tips, I found it really hard at first in front of a camera I would compare my self to all the beautiful talented you tubers and girls out there but believe it or not this has helped me build my confidence. If you try to be someone else, people will get bored because that person is already out there. Be you, be real and people will fall in love with you for that.



I haven’t even started on my filming/beauty room yet but that is my next goal. I think sharing these things with your subscribers is one of the best things. Try to shoot in a professional looking area, a plain wall is your best friend! That can be your back drop maybe put a little plant in the background or something but I still have so much work to do with my filming space. If you film makeup videos or chit-chat videos its nice for your viewers to get to know where you little space is.

If you are a vlogger you can pretty much film in any location. I do a bit of both.



Thumbnails are SUPER important, I can’t even stress this enough, when you are new to YouTube and are growing your video won’t come up at the top unless you have millions of views. So you need to make your thumbnail stand out, try using the same theme. I use the same theme for my thumbnails kind of pastel colours and girly because your viewers will get use to your thumbnails and your theme and they will know its you when you post.

My advice is, look at your thumbnail would you click on it… if you wouldn’t then change it. I like to use PicMonkey

, Canva and Pics art which you can download on IOs.



Using annotations in your videos can help so much, you can get little pop ups on the screen reminding people to subscribe and like your videos which leads to loyal subscribers. If you guys are interested in step by step instructions to do this, you should check out my Ebook. How To Create A Successful Youtube Channel Ebook


Ask for subscribers

This is very basic but simply just asking people to subscribe and support your channel at the beginning or end of your videos is really helpful, if people like you and your content they will subscribe to you.

I would definitely recommend not spamming Peoples channels and videos asking for ‘sub 4 sub’ because firstly its annoying and secondly they probably won’t watch your videos, so that doesn’t help you grow in the long run.


Social Media

If you are wanting to be successful and eventually do this full-time or part-time hobby, having a presence on social media helps a-lot. There are so many small youtubers out there trying to start of, try to get to know them. Say Hi! comment on their page, support each other. I have made so many friends online since I have started YouTube and my blog.



After you have filmed a video, edited and uploaded you expect thousands of people to watch, that’s not going to happen unless you are super popular. Tell people on your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat that you have created video make little links for them to click on and promote your video every where, I have gained a lot of subscribers this way. Use hashtags on Instagram as well, it will help massively.


YouTube is so fun, when you hit your first 50 or a 100 subscribers hold a little giveaway, that will help you gain subscribers. Celebrate what you have done because it is very hard work and you deserve to feel proud.

I have always said to my self, i have 500 subscribers but there’s people out there with 1000’s and millions. I have had to remind my self that they one day only had 500 subscribers, they all started of with 0. It’s about consistency and creating good content. Now i have 700 subscribers and I am on my way to 1K. I never thought I would get 700, I am still overwhelmed by this. So have fun, work hard and support each other.

If you want to help me reach my goal to 1K, I create beauty videos and vlog my life. subscribe My Channel

My ebook will help you step by step to create a youtube channel- My Ebook

Have fun and share with me your goals down below and lets keep growing this digital family. If you want me to do a “How to get views on YouTube” post let me know.




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