How To Choose Your Prom Dress

Your prom is one of the most important and exciting nights of your life, your going to see them pictures forever and everywhere. Especially Facebook! You are growing up and you want to look like a princess. Its not easy to find the dress of your dreams. Here I will share a few tips to help you choose your prom dress.

Giving yourself enough time

Never leave it till the last minute, If you see the dress of your dreams when your out and about months before, buy it! It might not be there the night before your prom and you might never find the perfect dress. You also need to give yourself enough time because you will need to find the perfect accessories that goes with the dress.

Don’t give your self any less than six weeks in case you have to get it altered or changed at all. Make sure you follow your own trend and not follow everyone else. Don’t look too much into the fashion sense and struggle to find that perfect dress. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Find out your budget

Whether your paying for your dress or its a gift from your family. Work out your budget before you start shopping for your dress, Look at how much you want to spend and shop around that. There is no point in browsing expensive shops if your budget is not any where near because it will just cause dress devastation.

Talk to your friends

Find out what your bestie is going to wear, so you don’t end up getting the same dress or clashing in styles. Step out of your comfort zone and try other styles on too, you might surprise your self with something you wouldn’t think you would like just from looking at it on the hanger in the shop. If you want to match with your bestie, you could go dress shopping together so you know you’ll both look great in the photos together.

Try on lots of styles

You might be totally obsessed with a low neckline prom dress with lots of gorgeous lace detail, but step outside your comfort zone and try on a few other styles too – you might surprise yourself with what you end up falling for. It’s not often you shop for prom-style dresses so it’s unlikely you’ll have seen yourself in a variety of prom-worthy dresses before. Make the most of it! You might even like that cinderella dress or that beautiful red number that has a slit on the leg side. 

Pick your shopping companion wisely

Make sure you pick wisely who you choose to take shopping with you whether thats your mum, friend or older family member. You need to trust this person will give you honest opinions on dresses. Family members and the ones closest to you will usually know what looks the best on you.

Your overall look

Have a look at instagram, pinterest etc. for the perfect hairstyle and makeup, and if it is in your budget why not treat yourself to getting your makeup done professionally or your hair done. Find the perfect hairstyle for the look your wanting to go for. Your nails will also need to look glamorous and don’t forget your perfect little clutch bag.


What goes under the dress is just as important as what goes with it! You might need a strapless bra or some stick-on cups or a thong? Is the dress supportive enough to forget a bra? And will you be comfortable wearing (or not wearing!) that kind of underwear? Factor this in before you commit to your dress. You don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions on the night.

Still on the hunt to choose your perfect prom dress- choose your prom dress




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