How To Add A Signature To Your Blog Posts

how to add signature to blog


So I wanted to know this for the longest time, now I can share with you. If you want to add a signature to the end of your blog post so it looks a lot more professional. So there are a few steps you need to take. Best of all there are no coding skills required.

Step1. Create a custom signature

The first step is to obviously create a custom signature. You can do this in Canva, Photoshop or Illustrator but I would definitely recommend My Live Signature it is so simple and easy to follow the instructions.

Step 2. Upload your custom signature to your media library

Once you have your downloaded signature (PNG or JPG format works the best) upload it to the media library in WordPress.

Step 3. Download the Add Signature Plugin/some themes have it already installed.

In a new tab open the plugins tab, click add new plugin, type in” Add Signature”. Press install and activate it.

Step 4. Configure the plugin

Now you need to go to configure the plugin, Settings- MVP Add Signature

Now all you need to do is Primary Signature. Copy and paste the following link in the first field, where you insert your signature URL, copied from the Media library.<img src=””>

Once your done hit, save and the signature will be displayed on your blog posts. You can choose if you want it all across your blog or just on your posts. I prefer it to just be on my posts.



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