I Spotted Snoop Dogg

Here is my most recent Vlog, I spotted Snoop Dogg! I love uploading Vlogs for you guys. I enjoy editing Vlogs more than makeup videos and I prefer watching Vlogs. What do you guys prefer?   P.S Don’t forget to subscribe and if you do let me know you came from my blog! <3   MelissaJayne XO  


If you want to get these really easy simple beauty waves in your hair, check my most recent Youtube video out. It is so easy to do and I used a straightener to achieve this look. Only a few products I used and I will show you everything in this tutorial, I absolutely love this beachy wavy hair look. It is literally my everyday hair look.   P.S don’t forget to subscribe. X   MelissaJayne […]

How To Become A Daily Vlogger

I have been asked so many times to give some tips on how I daily vlog, I have a YouTube channel that is over a year old now and I have only realised if you want something so bad then you have to put so much work in and turn up to work every single day. Here are my tips:  Consistency: try to get your camera/phone out for the whole day and vlog as much […]

How to Highlight, Contour + Bake Tutorial

        Sorry I have been not blogging lately I am so focused on my YouTube channel lately. I would love for you guys to check out my channel. I do vlogs, makeup videos and reviews. Here is a highlight, contouring and baking tutorial. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know if you want to see more videos like this, by subscribing and thumbs up my video. p.s Don’t forget to […]

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