Why You Don’t Need Motivation

I was actually going to film this for a YouTube video, but I have a lot to say on this subject. So I decided to make it into a blog post. I get asked this question a lot..”how do you stay so motivated to upload a video”. I don’t think it is motivation personally you guys, it’s now a habit for me. I believe strongly in what I love and what I want in my […]

How To Pitch To Brands As An Influencer/Blogger

All the successful bloggers and youtubers know how to pitch themselves to brands to get collaborations. Well today I am going to teach you how I have landed PR and collaborations. First of all you got to believe in what you are doing. You are a business, if you are a blogger/ influencer that is your brand. Be proud in what you do and you will shine to brands.  Know your Follower demographics Knowing who […]

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