28 Day Detox Using Your Tea (Tiny Tea)

I have been recently sent this amazing tea, it is called the Tiny Tea from Your Tea. It helps with losing weight, reducing bloating, skin care, weight management.   I have only had a few days worth and it is a 28 day detox so I will fill you guys in soon. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow my youtube channel- melissajaynexo.   I will be doing a full review on this […]

Smart Stack

I have been using this dietary supplement for the past few days and I feel they have already started helping me. I suffer with under active thyroid condition and I get major lethargic and tired. I have also always suffered with memory fog and focusing on things. It’s always been a bit of an embarrassment and no one ever understands so I decided to try these supplements and let me tell you!! They honestly have […]

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