Argan Oil Hair Products from the Pound Shop

I am so excited to share these products with you guys, I literally love you. One of you recommended me to try these products because of how damaged my hair was. Thank you so much I have found something that finally works. Here are the products that I have been trying for around a month now and I am so happy with the results. So like I said I have had severely dull and dry […]

Kim Kardashian Inspired Waves

Kim Kardashian is a beauty icon, from her hair to her makeup. I’ve really been involve with her soft wavy hair, so I decided to try it out. I think I’ve finally mastered the look, let me know what you guys think.   If you like this look let me know if you want me to create a tutorial on how I got this look.   MelissaJayneXO  

Finding the right shampoo for your hair

I think it’s really hard to find the right shampoo, there’s so many different shampoos out there. Some that make your hair softer, some that are specifically for coloured hair and some for split ends and the list goes on. I have tried so many different ones I’ve lost count. I use to use Tresseme shampoo and conditioner until my hairdresser told me it was leaving a massive build up on my scalp which was […]

L’Oreal Elvive Shampoo

These shampoos have literally saved my life, I’m so so Inlove with each and every one of them. The thickening shampoo has really revived my hair and it honestly has got thicker it was looking so thin and worn out. The glitter shampoo is just amazing, it smells so good and literally has glitter inside it. I love using this shampoo I feel like my hair is super shiny after using it. The conditioner I […]

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