Building Upon The Foundations: Being A Better Version Of You


How often do you feel that you could change who you are completely? The life that we are all living right now is throwing so much chaos and confusion into the mix that focusing on ourselves is probably the most important thing we can do right now. When we think about making lifestyle changes or we try to make positive alterations so we can benefit, there are so many different areas to consider. But underneath it all, it is about one fundamental goal: being the best version of yourself possible. But how can we do this?

Dress Like the Person You Want to Be

When we respect ourselves without the ego this provides us with a thorough baseline to begin. Learning to look at yourself in the mirror and consider yourself a blank canvas is a hard task to achieve. But when the old adage comes up that you should “dress for the job that you want, not the one that you have,” taking this idea and appropriating it to be the person that you want to be in every area of your life will make you feel empowered. But how do we do this? The best place is to start with your fashion choices. If you want to make a positive change but giving yourself a complete makeover is not on the cards, you can make small alterations.

Start with the simple things. A pair of glasses can instantly transform how you look to others and also to yourself. And while many people find getting the perfect pair of glasses is too costly, there are plenty of styles made in USA that are more than affordable. Once you start to find these little touchpoints in terms of altering your fashion ever so slightly you can start to build upon these things. Go for the statement pieces like scarves or jackets. The most important thing when it comes to changing your life is to do it subtly. It’s the small steps in the right direction that will make a significant alteration to your outlook. And you can apply this mindset to your fashion. The bottom line is when you want to be a different person you will need to change your exterior so you can gradually change your mindset.

Changing Your Thought Patterns

The exterior is a good place to start but if you really want to make significant inroads in your life, you’ve got to change how you think. When you learn how to become a better version of yourself, it is almost like taking on a character. The first piece of the puzzle is changing how you look on the outside but when you delve deep into the thought processes of the previous version of you, what aspects don’t you like? This is why changing your thought patterns becomes crucial. There are many ways to do this. You can go down the route of cognitive behavioural therapy, where practices help you to change your attitudes towards things. For example, if you have a negative attitude towards yourself, cognitive behavioural therapy is a combination of efforts that help to retrain how you think about yourself. While this is done in a professional capacity, it is possible to find online courses.

However, if you are looking to change your thought patterns by yourself it’s important to get into certain lifestyle habits. Routines are crucial and when you start to look at people who need to exude a certain attitude or mindset, such as athletes, you will see that changing their thought patterns is a constant. One of the more intriguing approaches is positive self-talk. When you start talking to yourself in a positive light and say that you can do things, this goes to retrain the brain. Because, on one level, the brain is not able to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, which is why a negative mindset gradually becomes a part of the person. By implementing the opposite, you can start to change how you think about yourself over time.

Develop a Learning Mindset

The people in life who will get the most out of it learn from everything. We can spend a lot of time worrying about potential mistakes that we make or sometimes we can make grievous errors and spend too long worrying about what we’ve done. That’s not to say that when you make mistakes you should not be apologetic, but when mistakes are made, it’s important to understand what you can learn from it. So many people are afraid of making errors that they spend their entire lives tiptoeing around things. If we start to learn about things in a larger context, we will feel we can deal with things better. Many people worry about what is going to happen, but if we take a step back and understand the risk versus reward, we will be able to feel calmer in stressful situations. But this is where having a thirst for education can help.

Once we determine the potential for lessons, it doesn’t just help us to focus on the task more, but it helps us to have a more quizzical approach to life in general. We should always be learning new things and it is an old expression that “you learn something new every day,” if you are conscious of lessons that you are learning, you can take these and implement them in other areas of your life. But if you spend so long worrying about the mistakes you make, you will inevitably make them, but you won’t learn from them. We then spend our time waiting to be punished, whether this is a mistake in work or we tiptoe around certain parts of our lives that we don’t want to face. But every opportunity gives us the chance to learn. This is the key to being a better version of yourself because you will face the challenges, but you will also embrace the mistakes.

Make Your Body Your Temple

When we look at ourselves in the mirror and think about the person we want to be, a lot of this is to do with having the right foundations. When you look at people in positions of power, they have to operate with a certain level of agility or fitness. When we feel better in ourselves, it helps us to function under duress. Making your body your temple is about understanding what you need to do to minimise aches and pains. It is a commonly held belief that we have to go to the gym constantly in order to feel physically fit. In fact, this can have the opposite effect. Many people go to the gym nearly every day but are not giving themselves the luxury of recovery. This is why you need to find an exercise routine that fits in with your life, rather than the other way around.

Exercise is essential but so is eating right. And with both of these components, we can spend a lot of time looking towards received wisdom. But there are a lot of people now questioning the efficacy of certain diets and lifestyles. But you can spend a lot of time delving into these things, when in fact the true marker is how you feel. For people who need to function, it’s important to get into the habit of checking in with their body and realising that rest is just as important. We live in a society where we feel that we’ve got to be on the go. But now with people getting sick due to less sleep and working more, it’s time to address that balance. Being a better version of you isn’t just about hitting the gym and going 110% in every aspect of your life, but it’s about learning when to hit the brakes as well. When you understand the parts of your life that are making you weaker and addressing these through the right diet, exercise, and sleep, you will begin to prioritise yourself. Many people do not think of themselves in the right way and in fact, they may not view themselves as important. If you want to be the better version of yourself, you’ve got to prioritise who you are, but this means taking the time to listen to how you feel.

If you want to be a better version of you, you may feel that you’ve got to have the right habits but if you feel you want to change who you are completely, especially in such a stressful life, learning to be the best version of you is down to what you do view as important. But in order to get to this point, we’ve got to drown out a lot of pointless chatter, either in terms of our thought processes or stop listening to people. These four points provide you with a baseline to be a better version of you. But when we think that we’ve got to completely change who we are, we are not developing ourselves. Being the best version of you is about understanding who you are and building upon this.

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