Why I Haven’t Been Active On My Blog

Hey guys, I know I have missed a few days but I have a lot to say on that, I am really sorry I have not been well. The third trimester seems to have brought me so many problems fortunately baby girl has not been affected.

I am currently 31 weeks today and I am just in need to just sit down and blog, this is why I created my blog. I need to get this off my chest, I love having somewhere I can just vent.

Throughout the third trimester I have had this abdominal pain that was really troublesome a while ago. I had checkups to make sure it wasn’t baby related and it isn’t. I kept getting told its possibly IBS here is some anti spasm medication to settle it. It now has made me sofa/bed bound to the point where I am so poorly I cant even go my normal day.

I had the flu jab and I felt okay, then I started to develop a really strange on and off high temperature and nausea. I have been battling this for about 5 days and I started to feel sleep all day.

During these checkups at the hospital, my CRP levels were raised in my blood test results but no one seemed to know why. I was sent home and told maybe its the flu, I had flu swabs done and that has come back negative.

Finally 2 weeks later I feel I can finally share with you that we are getting to the bottom of it, I have all of a sudden developed severe itching all over my hands, feet and entire body. I feel horrendous but in a different way, I have had more bloods done today and I have already been told I have got a condition called cholestasis, it does effect the baby and will mean I am most probably going to have to be induced early.

So there is that, which I honestly feel just adds to the problems but hey, it is what it is. Now because they have checked my liver bi salts they have seen an abnormality in my liver which could mean many things, so I am off for more blood tests.

I’m honestly overwhelmed with all of this, I’m so glad I have my blog to just write how I feel, this is why I haven’t been very active on my blog.

Until next time…

Melissa Jayne Xo


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