Blogging In 2020: Things I would do differently

Blogging In 2020: Things I would do differently

Blogging is a very fascinating hobby/job, every time someone asks me what I do and I say blogging… there like what?!

The thing is with blogging it is another world, it is somewhere where you can share your life, help your mental health and just generally grow as a person.

When I was in school, I am now 25. I never knew what I wanted to do but I always had an interest in ICT. I loved computers and my family thought I would end up in a job with computers. Well I kind of am, I love typing, editing, photoshop all of that.

I never thought I would be a blogger with a Youtube Channel I love everything about it. I love writing, spreading my creativity and helping others. I am so unbelievably passionate about blogging and Youtube that when I was bed bound in hospital after giving birth to my daughter I emailed every single brand I work with to let them know I will try and do as much as I can still.

Anyway I thought I would share with you a few things I would do differently if I was to create a blog in 2020.

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#1 Technical Things

Okay, I hope it isn’t just me but I have really struggled with the whole technical side. Some things I have managed to do but others no. I got hacked last year and the hacker put adult things across my whole site it was horrendous! I was very upset by it all, it was because I hadn’t been updating my plugins regularly when I was ill in hospital.

So I would learn about all the technical side, the updates, plugins, themes etc. There is a lot to learn but there are so many great tutorials out on Youtube or google.

#2 Be More Helpful

I would also want to be more helpful, so now that I am getting older I always look for help with things like recipes, blogging tips, parenting tips etc. Its great having a beauty blog, I do enjoy it but I wish I put more effort into helping others with things that people really search about like how to start a blog.

I think them kind of blogs are a lot more useful and helpful, so I am trying to implant that into my blog now.

#3 Be More Open

So this kind of is a new thing for me, I have always been a very bubbly funny girl but online I try to come of as more quiet and I said to myself the other day WHY? like seriously why? I want to be me and hopefully people can love me for that. I have recently uploaded a Youtube Video on me being more myself.

It is the same with blogging, I wish I wasn’t as shy and just kind of went for it. I waited years before taking the plunge to actually start my blog. I was worried what everyone would think but I don’t care now. I love doing what I do and that is all that matters.

#4 SEO Everything

SEO is a struggle for me, I still don’t use it to its full potential, I’m learning haha. It is so important for ranking high in keywords and Google. I want to learn more about it and I will, it is definitely something I should of implemented from the start.

#5 Pinterest

How did I not know about Pinterest, I am slowly learning so much about Pinterest and it is honestly amazing! It has such a huge audience which means more eyes for your website. I am now learning how to pin pins and schedule them correctly. I want to actually take a course for Pinterest. It can honestly boost your views massively for your blog.




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