Blogging And Earning Money

So you’ve got your blog going right, and your loving it! Well how about loving something so much and getting paid for it. Its not easy earning money blogging if you don’t have enough traffic or visitors. Have you ever just thought what if I could make money doing what I love? Well guess what, you can.

If you are looking for paid opportunities, one of the best ways to do it is to look into sponsored posts, a sponsored post is where a brand pays you to write a post about a product/ item/ website. Well here is the perfect opportunity to look for paid blogging jobs. On this website you can find opportunities to get paid blogging jobs for your blog/site. Whether you have been blogging for years and take it seriously or a few weeks and just want to make a little side income. This is the best place to find the opportunities.

 It’s not all about Blogging either! If you are more focused on a social media platform, it can certainly help you boost your earnings there as well. The brands are listing assignments for blogging, vlogging, tweeting, and even pinning; they recognise there are many ways to engage with a relevant audience.

Blogging should always be fun, but it can be a very daunting task; you may think you need to be a designer, copywriter, SEO guru, marketing person and social media manager all at once. Trying to do all of this on your own is crazy! It helps with exposure to brands.

There are assignments posted weekly and on different niches, you apply to work that assignment and then you wait to hear back. In your profile when you submit your blog/site you have a Domain Authority and that is on your website personally and your links/SEO. The assignments are 5+, 10+20,30 and 40 and whatever your DA is you can apply accordingly.

Once you get the assignment you have a time frame to submit and then you will be paid in your Paypal. This will help build your audience and your engagement. Make sure to submit your assignment on time or you will get a flag against your account.

Blogger Outreach

Whether you are a blogger or a brand, this will help you massively find your audience and get engagement. This will bring you success in finding paid opportunities as a blogger or perfect influencers/bloggers for your brand. This will also improve your rankings. It builds backlinks across a wide range of quality websites for you. 

Grow Brand Awareness – Getting your brand mentioned within great web and social content creates a strong reputation for customers and search engines.

Building Your Audience-  Bloggers have spent years building their own audiences that you can tap into and use to grow your own audience, adding a brand new traffic source to your website.

Increase Your Revenue–  With the right targeting and quality backlinks. It will increase your traffic that will boost revenue quickly.

This website is one of the best services you can get because they offer service and help, if you need any help just pop an email across and someone will assist you.

Go make some money and do what you love guys!


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