I Heart Revolution *NEW* Donut Palettes

Hi Guys!!


I have missed you, so a lot has happened over the past few weeks. If you don’t follow my social media’s and YouTube channel then you wont know how lucky I have been recently. I have received some amazing PR packages from my favourite brands. Including Makeup Revolution/ I Heart Revolution.

So are you ready for this gorgeous package I am going to show you from the one and only I Heart Revolution-

When this arrived in the post, I screamed i was so damn excited! I literally stared at it for a while thinking how have i done this, how have i achieved my biggest dream ever! Anyway they have sent me their new donut palettes, literally on that morning a few hours before I was in Superdrug looking at them. Then they arrived in a box, I was blown away. I’m sure I heart Revolution must have thought I was a crazy person because in my instagram story I posted me opening this and i was very emotional. LOL. So as you can see they sent their five donut palettes.

Strawberry sprinkles, maple glazed, chocolate dipped, blueberry crush and raspberry icing.

They are £5 each to buy from either Superdrug or Revolution Beauty

I am seriously obsessed with every single palette, I am reviewing each and every one of them one by one. I have already tried the Strawberry Sprinkles on My Youtube Channel.

Head over to my Instagram for more pictures and reviews.


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