Finding the right shampoo for your hair

I think it’s really hard to find the right shampoo, there’s so many different shampoos out there. Some that make your hair softer, some that are specifically for coloured hair and some for split ends and the list goes on. I have tried so many different ones I’ve lost count.

I use to use Tresseme shampoo and conditioner until my hairdresser told me it was leaving a massive build up on my scalp which was causing irritation.

so then I tried anti dandruff shampoo like head and shoulders and that worked for the dandruff build up but it wasn’t leaving my hair smelling nice or shiny. So at that point I actually looked for a shampoo with everything I needed and I really love L’Oréal shampoo’s at the moment and also Garnier.

The one I have currently been starting using and I flippin love it is this Garnier ultimate blends!

It smoothes and nourishes my hair, I do get quite dry hair and I hate it. When I straighten my hair I hate when it looks dull, I also like a lot of volume and this is perfect it’s got coconut oil & cocoa butter.

Let me know what shampoo you guys are using and what you recommend.


love you all



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