A Rare Infection Controlled My Life For 6 Months

A Rare Infection Controlled My Life For 6 Months

Hey, I’m going to share this with you because it is so important not to ignore signs and symptoms in our body!

During my late pregnancy with my daughter I suffered with extreme pain on my right hand side on my hip and back. I could not walk my partner had to carry me to the toilet. I had a newborn baby that I was unable to hold. I could not lay down on my right hand side it felt like I was laying on crushed bones it was the most horrific pain I have ever felt I remember waking up howling and crying with agony. I went up to a&e and they didn’t know what was wrong with me, they told me to go to my doctors.

I went to my GP and he suspected an abscess, he told me to have some emergency blood tests and if an infection is present, send me to the hospital.

I had a phone call saying I have an infection present, so I was sent to the gynaecology ward in Halifax as I have previously had a baby. They wanted to rule out anything gynaecology related.

I lost my appetite, I didn’t eat for weeks and i was constantly throwing up. All i did was sleep on the sofa and wake up to take some Cocodamol. I felt lost and I was very down and fed up.

I was put on the ward and they demanded for an MRI scan and that came back inconclusive. My whole right side of my body was inflamed. My appendix, kidney, Liver was all enlarged which explained the severe back pain.

The consultant said there was a mass present, I remember crying with my mum and my partner. We was worried it was a tumour, they weren’t sure. They demanded an emergency CT scan with a contrast dye injected into me and that was a little bit more clearer. The doctor said it is highly unlikely to be cancer as my blood test results and symptoms weren’t matching up.

I remember the doctors surrounding the computer on wheels and saying they don’t know what this is. They also noticed I had a huge swelling on my right side on the outside, it was so painful it felt like I was carrying a bubble of water on me.

They said they had to refer my case to a group of specialists called the MDT team. It was then diagnosed as a mass but not cancerous and needed to be treated with penicillin. I was treated intravenously for days. After about a week I begged to go home as the Corona Virus was around and getting worse and I missed my daughter so much. I felt like she was growing up and I was missing it.

I was allowed to go home as long as I keep my canula in my wrist and have district nurses come round to give me daily antibiotics through a drip. I had the drip hanging up from my lamp, it was the weirdest experience ever.

I slowly have started to get better, my back is a lot less painful, I am eating normally and I am slowly going for small walks. I have lost a lot of weight and my legs have got very weak and I have lost a lot of muscle.

The swelling on my side has turned into a huge lump the size of two tennis balls and went red like a rash. Over the month it blistered, it was unbelievably sore carrying a huge wet blister on my side. It has now popped and oozing pus, the doctor has swabbed it and has put it down to the infection spreading into my skin which happens in severe cases.

The doctor from the muscuskelatol clinic rang me and has said that he has never seen such a severe case from looking at my imaging. He asked if i was feeling any better and has said he is going to be sharing it with all of the doctors incase they have anyone present with my symptoms. They have said that this is an extremely unlucky rare infection that has gotten in my pelvis and caused an abscess which has leaked across my whole body.

I also went to my doctors in the first few months presenting with hip pain and my doctor didn’t know what it was. Understandably actinomycosis is a very hard infection to find. I was also reffered to physio therapy and was given crutches. I was in an extremely bad way.

I am now being treat with Doxycycline and I have to go for regular ultrasounds and CT’s to make sure this abscess starts to go down. I have been told I will be put on antibiotics for up to a year.

They have also said I am extremely lucky to have a beautiful healthy daughter with what was going on inside my body. I suffer with graves disease and suprisingly that didnt affect my pregnancy, whereas Preeclampsia and obstetric cholestasis did.

My right side of my reproductive system is in a very bad way and has been scarred and damaged.

I cant believe this has happened, I ask my self why me but anything can happen to anyone. I am sharing this story because I want to make people aware of what can happen to our body’s and to not ignore symptoms and signs in our body.

Any questions please feel free to ask me.

Melissa xo



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