5 Tips To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

How to keep your house cool this summer

With the summer creeping up on us, it’s important that you know where you’re spending your time this year. Are you spending the summer somewhere else? Are you planning to spend it at home? If you are planning to spend time at home, one of the best things that you can do is figure out how to make your house comfortable through the summer months.


Most people love the heat and light that come with summertime, but if you are somebody who doesn’t quite like the harsh Summer sun, and you don’t want to spend the entire summer with your air conditioning turned up, the best thing that you can do is figure out how to cool down your house. From adding plantation shutters so that you can keep the bugs out but the cool air coming in, to ensuring that you have fans in different rooms of the home, you could cool your house down and make it feel more comfortable as a result. Here are five top tips to keep your house feeling cool as a cucumber this summer.


  1. Keep the blinds closed. No matter where the windows face, do you want to keep your blinds closed at all times. If you can invest in good black out curtains to shield your home from the sun, do it. This will call your home, meaning that nights are far more comfortable, and days I’m not sitting with you in direct sunlight inside the house.Keep your blinds closed! Throughout the day, keep the blinds closed so that you don’t have the harsh heat coming through to the rooms. You can’t do much about the heat on the glass, but you can decide whether you want the entire room to be impacted by it. Close the blinds and close the curtains through the day and prevent the summer sunshine from warming up the rooms.
  2. Add window and wall coverings. You can add shutters to your windows to keep the heat from touching the glass, and you can add climbing plants to prevent the heat from warming up the walls of the house too much, too. This will block the heat and make the house cooler in an instant. It’ll cast some shade in your home, making the rooms cooler to be in, which makes sleeping in the summer months much more comfortable, too.
  3. Use the aircon sparingly. You can – of course – still use your air conditioning unit to be more comfortable in the summer months but use it sparingly, and make sure that it’s up by a degree. If it’s been a while since you last upgraded your air con unit, do that before the heat really sets in!
  4. Change the ceiling fan setting. If you have ceiling fans, they’ll be set to winter mode right now. Swap them for summer so that they are pulling the warm air up and pushing the cool air down to the floor. Ceiling fans will keep the air moving the right way through your home, and make it much more comfortable to be in.
  5. Close your doors. For the rooms you’re not using, close the doors. Bedrooms that are empty all day, for example, don’t need to be left open all the time. If you close the doors, you prevent the warm air from spreading too quickly and you’ll contain the cool air in the spaces.

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