40 Summer Blog Post Ideas

Summer blog post ideas 2021

Happy Summer Everybody! Here is 40 Summer Blog Post Ideas. This heatwave is crazy, are you loving it or not?  I feel like its just way to hot and its hard to work in this heat.

Whether you are soaking the summer up in your garden or somewhere abroad, most people aren’t really going to be reading blog posts as they will be to busy soaking the sun up.

I hope these 40 Summer Blog Post Ideas will give you some motivation:

Beauty Blogger 

  1. 1. Best summer hairstyles
  2. 2. Monthly favourites
  3. 3. Summer favourites
  4. 4. Summer makeup looks
  5. 5. How to keep protected from the sun this summer
  6. 6. Summer nail inspo
  7. 7. SPF favourites
  8. 8. The best face masks for summer
  9. 9. Primers for oily skin
  10. 10. Summer skincare routine

Mum Bloggers

  1. Fun summer crafts for kids
  2. Easy sun inspired activities for kids
  3. Summer activities for the family
  4. Slushy recipes this summer
  5. How to keep your kids entertained this Summer
  6. Mum makeup looks
  7. Summer outfits for kids
  8. Snack ideas for summer
  9. Dinner recipes for summer
  10. Summer routines

Food Bloggers

  1. Summer bbq ideas
  2. Summery snack ideas
  3. Summer picnic ideas
  4. Ice cream recipes
  5. gluten free dishes for Summer
  6. Fruit dishes for Summer
  7. Clean Summer snacking ideas
  8. 10 foods that will keep you hydrated
  9. Summer meal recipes
  10. Summer family dinner ideas

Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. Summer bucket list ideas
  2. Best summer songs
  3. My summer playlist
  4. Things to do this summer as a family
  5. Summer DIY projects
  6. Summer arts and craft ideas
  7. Things to keep busy this Summer
  8. How to get your garden Summer ready
  9. Summer game night ideas
  10. Places to visit this Summer


I hope these have given you a little bit of an idea of what to write about this summer! You can even use a life planner to keep things organised.

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