4 Careers That Don’t Require a College Degree


4 Careers That Don’t Require a College Degree

A lot of people are ready to make a career change. The obstacle there is that some people just don’t have the time to be a full time college student. A lot of adults are looking to change courses while being married and having a family, and there is only so much time in a day. There are lucrative careers in the world that don’t require a college education, but instead, require a short apprenticeship that will lead you to a high salary. Here are four careers that do not require a college education.


IT Support


Information technology support is one of the most sought after careers in the world. Just about every business and every country relies on information technology. With a short 1-2 year program and on-job training, you will learn how to provide services that every company needs. You can build firewalls to protect information, build programs for companies to conduct business, and you will be able to have all the solutions necessary to fix digital problems. 


With one glitch, an entire company will have a problem reaching clients, keeping business promises, and sticking to schedules. Because you will have the knowledge needed to find the solution, you will get paid a handsome salary that can really improve your life. 




Everyone has running water, therefore, everyone needs a plumber. Plumbers are always in high demand and the process of becoming one takes only months to complete. Plumbing is also one of those careers where you can have on-the-job learning while you are working alongside a professional. 


Plumbers are worth their time and their high salary. A lot of young people are steering away from trades and going to universities to get white collar jobs leaving the blue collar field lacking in talent. As a result, there is less competition in the field, which means people are willing to pay higher prices to get their pipes fixed and toilets working again. 




Just like water, everyone has electricity. Just like plumbers, electricians are in high demand because people are not seeking careers in the trades. Electricians have the skills and the know-how to keep a home protected against faulty wiring that can cause fires and massive damages to a person’s home. Electricians can also help make your digital life way more easy by installing outlets where they need to be. 


TV outlets need to be placed higher on walls, charging outlets need to be installed near seating areas so people can charge their devices, and when homes are being built, electricians play a key role in making sure everything is wired correctly to make the home feel and look perfect. That skill comes with a high paycheck. 


HVAC Technician


Everyone needs heat and air conditioning, and when you are an HVAC tech, your phone will always be ringing. People are going to need your services to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This trade comes with a high paycheck and a very short amount of time in school learning the trade. 

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