10 Helpful Tips On How You Can Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

10 Helpful Tips On How You Can Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

10 Helpful Tips On How You Can Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

As the days get colder and the nights grow longer, it is a good time to prepare your home for winter. 

Here Are 10 Helpful Tips On How You Can Do So


Have your heating system serviced by a gas engineer before winter starts, as this will reduce the chances of breakdowns over the coming months. In addition, ensure that all radiators are free from obstruction and draughts, as this will save money on heating bills. An annual service contract with an accredited company such as Gas Assist Services could be beneficial to you too.


Move furniture away from cold walls to allow warm air to circulate around furnishings more readily. Ensure all upholstered furniture has a good quality, breathable cover to prevent condensation.


Draught-proofing your windows is a great way to keep the heat in, and there are a number of products on the market that can do this effectively such as double glazing. You can also fit inexpensive thermal curtains or blinds to help retain warmth.


If you have a loft, make sure it is properly insulated – this will help keep the heat in and stop the formation of draughts. If you don’t have a loft, consider insulating your roof space with mineral wool or spray foam insulation


Bring any plants that need protection inside, and ensure all outdoor taps are turned off, and any water pipes are properly insulated against the elements.

6.Utility Bills: 

If you haven’t already, take advantage of any money-saving gas and electricity offers to reduce the amount you pay for your utilities over winter. If you have a smart meter installed, don’t forget to check that it is still accurate as it can be affected by solar or lunar radiation from time to time.


Ensure all exterior surfaces are well-drained, as standing water can cause damp problems within your home. In addition, consider fitting a cat flap to allow your pet cats access even when the main door is shut – this will help prevent mice from getting in through cracks around doors and windows. You could also make a little area outside where you could grow mildew resistant plants (e.g. kitchen herbs) that could be used next year.


Ensure all your chimneys are swept before the first winter storm hits, as this will help prevent the buildup of soot and fire risk and make them easier to use in future years. Also, always make sure you open the damper after lighting a fire – if it’s left closed, it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


Protect electronic items with surge protectors to stop power surges from damaging wires and electrical components – most furnishings have built-in surge protection. Still, larger equipment may not, so extra care needs to be taken here.

10.Health Check

Take the time now to carefully assess aspects of your home that may affect your health – draughts around windows and doors, damp or mould on walls, ceilings or furnishings. Use the information here to make the necessary repairs before winter starts – it will prevent problems over the coming months and save money on bills too.

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